Visualize all Oregon data like never before!

Available to Hospitals Now!

We are extremely excited to roll out ChimeMaps to subscribing hospitals. If you would like more information on how ChimeMaps can help your hospital, use the Get in Touch button on the right.

With Oregon ChimeMaps, hospitals will be able to:


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  • Perform Service Line Analysis

Hospitals can strategically plan service line expansions by using ChimeMaps to identify the people who need their services and pinpointing where they live.

  • Assess Community Health

Hospitals gather critical insights into how they perform in their markets in key service areas, how they compare to others, and how their markets are changing.

  • Plan Health Interventions

Hospitals are able to identify high-frequency users by medical conditions. They can target health outreach and interventions, resulting in reduced readmissions and measurable, improved community health.