Since 1985, Apprise Health Insights has been offering member hospitals information to support their decision-making needs. Apprise receives data from member and non-member hospitals, within and outside of Oregon, relating to inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department. This data initiative, Information Network for Oregon Hospitals (INFOH) relies on accurate and timely submission of inpatient and outpatient data from hospitals and health systems for release back to hospitals, government agencies, and other entities.

Data Submission

INFOH relies on timely and accurate data submissions from all participating hospitals and health systems. Since 2014, we have made submitting inpatient outpatient data to INFOH even easier with the launch of a new online submission and real time editing platform.

Hospitals are required to complete quarterly data submissions by specific dates. Currently, hospitals are required to submit and edit all data 45 days following the end of a quarter. We then provide an additional 2 weeks for the verification and correction of an discrepancies.

INFOH Submission Dates

QuarterMonth RangeSubmission DeadlineFinal Deadline
Q1January to MarchMay 15May 31
Q2April to JuneAugust 15August 31
Q3July to SeptemberNovember 15November 30
Q4October to DecemberFebruary 15February 28

To submit inpatient and outpatient data, please log in to INFOH.

Login to INFOH

To access all resources to help you submit data, please log in to the platform or contact Mark Christman.