The Apprise Readmissions Analysis Tool is an excel-based tool that allows each hospital to analyze its potentially preventable readmissions (PPR) from many different perspectives.

Administrators often want to view readmissions from a hospital or service line level.  Quality managers need DRG-level readmissions rates for quality improvement initiatives. Case managers must to be able to analyze individual patients that have been readmitted for hospital-acquired conditions. These are all possible using the Apprise Readmissions Analysis Tool.

The tool allows you to:

  • Track PPRs attributable to each hospital even when the patient is readmitted to another hospital
  • Analyze case-level information on potentially preventable readmissions
  • View PPR rates and observed-to-expected ratios, as well as comparisons to benchmarks for every increasing level of granularity
  • Sort and highlight PPRs by service line, DRG, payer, attending physician, admission source, discharge status, and individual patient
  • Highlight the areas of highest readmission in each hospital and allow each user to prioritize based on their own criteria.

We recently led a webinar outlining how to use the Readmission Analysis Tool; you can view that video on the right.

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