In May 2015, the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems launched, a website that displays hospital data on a user-friendly platform. The site is specifically designed to make complex information understandable and accessible to all Oregonians. The website is the product of a desire to make health care information available in one place, that is easy to understand, and is as up-to-date as possible. Better information enables smarter choices when making decisions about hospitals.

The website allows users to find and compare hospitals on quality of care measures and utilization (such as operating margins, patient volume, and capacity). It also contains information to contact the hospital for cost estimates for planned procedures, financial assistance policies, and business office contact information. In July 2016, the website added median prices paid for common inpatient and outpatient procedures under a section called “Procedure Costs.”

Where the Data Comes From

  • The Quality data presented on the website is collected from CMS Hospital Compare, and follows a similar ratings system to CMS’ for the patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) scores.
  • Financial and utilization data comes from the Oregon DATABANK Program, a state-mandated monthly hospital data program administered by Apprise in collaboration with the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research.
  • Contact information for cost estimates and financial assistance policies were collected by OAHHS staff, and can be updated by contacting OAHHS at 503-636-2204.
  • Median prices paid by insurers for the most common inpatient and outpatient procedures are provided by the Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Health Analytics.