Want to know how Oregon hospital utilization compares to other states?

The following reports can tell you a lot about how healthcare is used in the State of Oregon. ┬áThe data is all compiled from the Apprise’s Discharge Data Set and the American Hospital Association Annual Survey.

Explore and learn how you and every other Oregonian uses its most valuable medical asset.

The following reports are currently available:

Beds per 1,000 Population

Admissions per 1,000 Population

Adjusted Admissions per 1,000 Population

Inpatient Days per 1,000 Population

Inpatient Days per 1,000 Population – Age Adjusted

Average Length of Stay

Expenses per Capita – Age Adjusted

Medicare Length of Stay

Medicare Billings per Capita

Medicare Days per 1,000 Population

Medicare Discharges per 1,000 Population

Medicare Receipts per Capita

Percent Population Age 65+